I have noticed that recently some answers just contain a link to a project page; the user doesn't even report what the project does, nor why does he think the module suits the needs of the user asking the question.
I would expect that who answers reports at least for which reason the module he links to should be used instead of another one.

What should we do with such answers?

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Well, that depends on

  1. the quality of the link

  2. the perceived potential of the user who posted it

If it's an exceedingly useful link, I will edit in a quote from the link of the most relevant content, so the answer is in fact a complete answer, even if that link goes dead at some later date. This is the internet, and such things are known to happen.

If it's a user that I think has potential, I will also add a comment indicating I edited in context, and explaining why we discourage link-only "answers".

On the other hand, if it's a user that seems like a "drive-by", or a link of marginal quality, don't bother messing with it -- you should just mod flag it as low quality for removal. Or downvote to taste.

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