Could someone add as synonym of ?


That tag is explicitly blacklisted - there's no need to have drupal as part of the tag name, as this is an exclusively Drupal-oriented site.

For reference these are the regular expressions used to prevent those tags from being created:

  • ^drupal$
  • ^drupal-?\d+.*$

We couldn't create that tag if we wanted to :)

You can find this discussed in detail here: Numeric version tags considered ... OK


Actually, using as synonym of would be useful for those questions that are migrated from Stack Overflow, where drupal-7 is one of the available tags. Without as synonym, drupal-7 is going to be removed from those questions, and important information is removed from the question.

In order for this to be possible, a Community Coordinator should answer to Allow "drupal-N" tags to be migrated from other sites, which is what doesn't allow us to set as synonym of . Moderators cannot change the entries for blacklisted user input; that is why we depend from somebody else to fix this.

Anyway, when a question is migrated, there is always a link to the original question. This means that the tags used when asking the question are always visible. If a tag is missing, everybody can look at the tags used from the OP, and add the equivalent one, if needed.

Apart preserving the tags used when migrating a question, there isn't much use of that synonym tag.
Synonym tags are used not as shortcut for a tag, which is not this case, since you are proposing a longer tag as synonym of a shorter tag; synonym tags are used when there are users who use two or more tags to mean the same thing. For example, if users would keep using as tag for the Views module, and four new questions would use it every time the tag is edited from question, then would be a candidate for being a synonym of . Since users cannot use as tag, there isn't the need to set it as synonym.

  • Technically, it should be possible to add "migration synonyms" not usable by people here directly. Hope it'll be done.
    – Mołot
    Jun 3 '13 at 12:14
  • That could be useful, especially for those sites that are listed in the migration list. Since a question cannot be migrated from normal users if it doesn't contain at least one of the tags used in the receiving site, those migration synonym would be a way for the site to say "we accept these questions, if they use these tags in the original site." We are out of luck: Drupal Answers is not listed as migration site, and migrations from Stack Overflow are not much.
    – apaderno Mod
    Jun 3 '13 at 18:02

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