My comment apparently solved the issue in this question so it would be a shame if it'll stay unanswered.

On the other hand, I don't quite understand what exactly OP did with it and how it worked.

Could anyone please pick these pieces and post CW answer, please? Seems that all the work is done and we need a good editor.


Mołot, here's my suggestion for an answer - feel free to use it:

It appears that you have non-ASCII characters in your machine names. That is not a good idea, because they are used in file system constructs and your file system's character set encoding for non-ASCII characters is not necessarily the same as Drupal's internal character set encoding (UTF-8). Since the machine names are never displayed to users, the simple workaround is to only use ASCII characters in machine names.

Just replace the non-ASCII characters in your machine names with ASCII near equivalent characters (ü → u and so on), and you will not have to guess how to create file names matching your machine names.

(Actually, I am puzzled that he's having this problem. I run a number of Norwegian sites, and Norwegian has non-ASCII "æøå" - but my Drupal refuses to accept those characters in a machine name. I pretty sure that this is by default (plain vanilla Drupal 7).

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