I see this more and more these days. There are questions like this - not so good ones, maybe should be put on hold, maybe not. Doesn't matter. It is a question about Drupal, Drupal-specific tools (Views in this example), Drupal-specific APIs (here - Drupal AJAX implementation). And somebody votes to put it on hold as generic PHP question.


Please don't!

If question is just bad, downvote. If it's about code, but does not provide code, use custom off-topic close reason. If it's unclear, it's unclear. If it requires a whole tutorial (possibly including programming, but not about programming directly but about Drupal solutions) then it's too broad. There are reasons that apply more than one meaning "This Views question is not about Drupal at all and is equally valid in any other PHP CMS". Well no, it isn't.

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    Bravo. Ditto module-based questions being marked off-topic, when they would produce very useful results for someone who can't find what they need to accomplish something.
    – 1kenthomas
    Jun 5, 2016 at 3:04


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