Should we have separate tag for or which could indicate the posts dealing with the errors? Which can ask how to deal with or debug specific exceptions/errors?


The usual guidelines about tags suggest to use tags that:

  • don't say anything about the user who is asking the question
  • describe a specific area of expertise

For example, is a tag that describes the user who asks the question, not the question itself. doesn't describe a specific area of Drupal expertise. Differently, describes a specific area of expertise, in the same way does.

Keep in mind that not everything in a question needs to be captured with a tag; tags are for the most important parts of the question. Considering there is a limit of 5 tags per question, we need to limit the tags to those that are really helpful, which don't apply to 50/60% of the questions (or more), but not even to very few questions.


Issues found in existing modules are defined as off-topic. If all you have is an exception or error message, you shouldn't posting here. Module's issue queue is right place for such posts.

Tags for off-topic questions serves no real purpose, so should not be created.

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