I have seen the tool tip like popup for most of the users when mouse over the users but i am able to see this effect of some user.

Is it a bug or need some settings?

enter image description here

Do not show effect on :-

enter image description here

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It is by design, as described on How does the User Card popup work? You can see it if the following conditions happen:

  • The user reputation is at least 1000
  • The About Me text is long enough
  • The About Me text doesn't contain <!-- summary: &nbsp; -->
  • The page you are seeing is a question and answer detail page, a page with a list of questions, or the users list page
  • The question or the answer is not wiki

In any case, when the user popup is available, the user icon will be rendered with a border.


  • Thank you so much i will check the post.
    Commented Jan 23, 2015 at 10:45

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