A few things happened to me the past few days, while submitting suggested edits of wiki tags and/or wiki excerpts, for existing tags (for which I do not have the privilege to create them; at best I can only "suggest" such tags to be created):

For the sake of understanding: I do not question in any way the specific reviewers, or their reasons for rejection (I do consider all of them as reviewers that I respect). So let that not be the reason for any potential (anoymous?) downvotes of this question please, or my own answer I added to it (if you've other reasons to downvote: no problem).

However, something seems broken in the review process of suggested edits for wiki tags and / or excerpts. Why do "I" get a "rejected edit" for each of these events described above?

To phrase it another way:

  • "I" invest time in researching wiki tags that seem to be in use (at least 1 question had these tags, some had multiple questions tagged with it).
  • "I" invest time to submit the suggested edit.
  • That suggestion seems to trigger something at 1 or more reviewers like "oeps, that tag should not be there".
  • And instead of "me" being rewarded for what I suggested, I get punished by a rejected edit.

To further proof my point, please consider existing tag, which:

My question: what are "my" options to contribute to this specific tag wiki / excerpt, without taking the risk of another rejected edit?

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    Tag wiki edits are dangerous. They often get rejected, and sometimes for non-obvious reasons. I've simply stopped doing tag wiki edits. They are simply too often and too easily rejected. – Free Radical Apr 6 '15 at 19:08

Suggested edits for wikis relative to tags that are removed from all questions using them, or to tags that get merged, are automatically removed from the review queue simply for the fact it doesn't make sense to review a suggested edit for a tag wiki that is then removed. I assume they are automatically rejected on the assumption that suggesting an edit for a tag that should not be used would not be an action users should take (i.e., it was a not necessary/correct action).

As for the rejected edits you are taking as examples:

  • aliases was never used for Drush aliases only; I found questions using it for different purposes, including domain aliases.

  • There is no consensus about using charts.module when there is already charts.

  • password-reset was used only by a question asked from a user who also self-answered his question, well knowing he was going to suggest a specific module, for which the tag was created. A tag is used for the question, not because an answer mentions a specific module.

As general guideline:

  • Don't suggest a tag wiki edit for tags that aren't used from at least 10 questions. A single question using the tag doesn't preserve the tag from the automatic deletion, nor it is enough to be sure there is a consensus about using the tag or how the tag should be used.
  • Before suggesting a tag wiki edit, be sure you understand the meaning given to the tag from the users who use it. In the case the tag has too many meanings, it is probable the tag needs to be removed or replace by two or more tags.
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I think the solution (answer) is like so:

1) At a minimum:

  • do NOT allow tags to be deleted while a review process of a suggested edit for the tag wiki or wiki tag excerpt is ongoing.
  • if a tag gets deleted after the review process completed, then do NOT consider that as a rejected edit for the user who suggested an edit to it.

2) Ideally also:

  • find a way to compensate the user who triggered a review process of a tag that turned out to be obsolete (or something like that).

  • add an extra option to "flag a tag as potentially candidate for deletion" (similar to flagging a comment for moderation).

3) If perfect is not good enough:

Do not allow tags to be deleted, for as long as there is at least 1 other tag wiki or excerpt that still references it. That would have avoided that I needed to submit these 2 extra edits for the , edit I've suggested after the above mentioned tags got deleted:

  • Suggest removal of reference to in tag (with suggested edit comment = Remove reference to tag 'remote' which got deleted recently).

  • Suggest removal of reference to in tag (with suggested edit comment = Remove reference to tag 'aliases' which got deleted recently).

I was lucky, these 2 extra edits got accepted. That were 2+2 easy points I gained, but maybe that's because I hinted the reviewers about that orphaned tag reference I suggested to be resolved? But before submitting these 2 extra edits, I actually doubted if they were not going to be clasified as "too minor, this user is trying to just gain some points by cutting an obviously related set of edits in multiple wiki edit iterations" (... and hence 2 more rejected edits!). Note: the real reason, for myself at least, why I did so in 2 iterations is because when I submitted the first wiki edit suggestion, I had not yet noticed that the 2nd tag had been deleted also ...

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  • Thought it might be wise to further detail the cleanup of the reference to these 2 deleted tags in the drush-tag ... Even if it was only because otherwise some downvoter might say "I cannot remove my downvote for as long as you didn't edit your answer yet" ... Or maybe it will help the downvoter to explain the downvote (as I asked for, politely I hope, in my original question). – Pierre.Vriens Apr 8 '15 at 10:12

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