The existing tag Wiki for the -flag refers to the Flag (without s) module. While the existing tag Excerpt for this tag seems to not really correspond to that. For more details, refer to these (recently rejected) tag edit suggestions, in which I at first was trying to make it all related to the 'Flag' module:

Even though I can perfectly understand (now) the rejection reason, it appears to me as at least "not consistent", and something should be done to fix this (popular) tag.

It seems there are possibly 3 approaches (at least, maybe there are others ...):

  1. Create a new tag 'Flag', dedicated to the Flag module, and leave the 'Flags' tag as is (probably with a corrected tag wiki+excerpt to clarify the difference between both tags). Together with this, perform a mass retag operation from questions currently flagged with "Flags" to "Flag" (i.e. any question that is specific to the "flag" module).
  2. Create a new tag 'flag', together with marking 'flags' as a synonym.
  3. A moderator simply renames that tag from 'flags' to 'flag'.

Either approach could work for me, though "I'd vote for option 1".


Flags are items created using flag module. I see absolutely no reason to bother with rename, but two reasons not to:

  1. Current form was OK for many people over years, with only one vote against.
  2. Flags raised are the point of importance. Not the module behind them.

was created on October 2012, and it was never used to refer explicitly to the Flag module, as the existing questions evidence. There are many modules handling flags that I don't see any reason to privilege one over all the existing ones.

As for creating , on Stack Exchange we don't use two tags that differ just for the singular/plural form; they would just confuse the users, who would just pick-up one random. Misuse of a tag is the reason why some tags have been replaced with a different tag.

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