I saw a question: https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/5320/porting-openatiums-poor-mans-activity-to-drupal-7, and I wonder if such a question is too localized. It's about porting a specific function taken from Open Atrium to Drupal 7.

Where do we draw the line of questions being too specific to be something we should answer?


One could also argue that it is not a question in the first place. There are no specific questions. It is more an implementation request.

You can't "answer" it with a few sentences, you can only write/port/implement it.

And this is IMHO not the platform for such requests.


I think that the question needs to be answered in several steps which is why I gave up on accomplishing the task of porting the module in the first place. It's a very useful Views field handler which is used throughout OpenAtrium.

The first question is how to convert these two lines of code from D6 api to D7 api since db_rewrite_sql() now has become hook_query_alter() and the $subquery and $main variables were constructed using some Views voodoo.

$subquery = db_rewrite_sql($subquery, $view->base_table, $view->base_field, array('view' => &$view));
$main     = db_rewrite_sql($main, $view->base_table, $view->base_field, array('view' => &$view));

Of course, there are several other instances of the DB api that have changed which is why this is a complicated problem. But, yes, it is a big problem with many complicated parts so I'll just delete the original post.


I think it's quite broad but also can't be answer per se but I think a reasonable answer would be to point him to migration documentations like for Converting 6.x modules to 7.x and views 2 to 3 if it exists.

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