I have searched who got the highest badges in Drupal Stack Exchange.

Got this url it shows a query screen for stack overflow site.


select top 100 b.userid, u.displayname, count(*) as gold
from badges b
inner join users u on u.id = b.userid
where name in ('Socratic', 'Stellar Question', 'Great Question', 'Famous Question', 'Illuminator', 'Great Answer', 'Populist', 'Reversal', 'Unsung Hero', 'Fanatic', 'Legendary', 'Marshal', 'Constable', 'Sheriff', 'Steward', 'Copy Editor', 'Electorate', 'Publicist')
group by b.userid, u.displayname
order by gold desc

Is there any link for Drupal stack exchange site!


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Just replace stackoverflow in that link with drupal, and you are set: http://data.stackexchange.com/drupal/query/268877/top-100-users-with-most-gold-badges.

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