Since answering my own questions is accepted on DA and considering that DA has a different audience than d.o, can I post questions that I have answered on d.o ?

I could have done this without asking on Meta, but I think that this is a good way for spreading and maintaining information across both sites and more aspects of a topic may could be enlightened given the majority, the experience and the expertise of those who are involved.


I would say yes, with the caveats:

  1. The question doesn't already exist, in some form, on DA.
  2. You're not blantly just copy/pasting over content in bulk.
  3. It's summarizing a long winded thread/page to a more concise question/answer format.
  4. It's a topic considered on topic here.

In short, novel questions brought up / solved on d.o. are ok to post if they're on topic here and been trimmed down to fit the Q&A format.


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