Have a look at this recent comment, which include this:

... debugging sites in-situ can't be supported by Q+A, because as soon as you fix the issue the question ceases to make sense.

I do agree with that ... but, what about all those D8 questions about unstable/incomplete contributed modules (rules, commerce, etc)? Shouldn't those be considered like that also? I.e: As soon as the D8 releases for those modules become more mature, all those questions cease to make sense also ....

Here are just a few samples, related to some well known modules:

So, how do we want to handle this moving forward? Are we allowed to flag (or vote to close) such questions as of topic (or anything similar to that)?

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  • The comment makes sense for the question, since it essentially require to debug a site, but doing so will possibly help just the OP. For the modules, that is quite different, since there are modules that stay without a stable release for a long period of time. Also, the question, in that case, could help other users using the same module. That is different from having a different site running the same combination of third-party and custom modules another site is using. – kiamlaluno Jan 30 '17 at 17:53
  • In short, it could be there are questions about modules that are important only when using a specific version, but I would not be too fast in closing them. – kiamlaluno Jan 30 '17 at 17:54

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