I'm a bit confused about the tag creation process. Are tags supposed to be created by moderators, or is it fine that regular users create tags as well?

Every time I have created a tag it has been deleted by a moderator. When looking at this page Taxonomist badge, it seems like a lot of regular users have created tags.

I tried to ask about the creation of the tag, but I didn't get a clear approval from any of the moderators or highly-ranked site contributors. So I tried to add the tag myself.

Is that the right way to do it, or is it better to wait for a moderator to approve and create the tag?

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    Any user with the privilege to use new tags can add new tags to questions. That doesn't mean every tag is acceptable. Tags that are misused or not moderated correctly are possibly removed/replaced. – kiamlaluno Sep 13 at 12:04
  • Thank you, that makes sense. – Jdrupal Sep 13 at 12:12

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