Views not updating?

The answer seems to better suit a comment:

  • It points to a forum post that, as admitted from the OP, doesn't report any solution for the issue
  • It suggests opening an issue report on drupal.org

If the user who asked the question should open an issue on drupal.org, then the question should be probably be closed. Still, I don't understand how the answer is really answering the question.

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It doesn't, really.

It looks like the poster may have chosen that answer because they figured out their problem. Maybe they think it functions as a "Case Closed" or "I don't need any more help, I've got it".

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My guess is that

Check the filters

Lead the question asked to where he had misconfigured the view.

As he commented:

Actually, I figured it out now. It WAS something in the views- I had a flag set- where the flag was required to be checked. Grrr.... it works great now! Thanks!

It seems like he/she got something out of the post, which could be why he marked it with accepted answer.

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  • Actually it is "Check the filters?" which would be understood as "Did you check the filters?" The fact a post that should have been a comment has been accepted as answer doesn't mean the post is an answer. I wonder what somebody else with the same problem would understand from that answer. – kiamlaluno Jul 9 '11 at 15:00

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