I would like us to use the tag "programmatically" to indicate questions that are requesting programmatic solutions. In Drupal there are many ways to accomplish the same action. You can see the tag I created and the info for its use.

I apologize for adding the tag without discussion. I thought that it was fine as it was allowed because my user was recently granted that privilege.

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    I doubt that programmatically is a good tag at all as that would include every second question. But you often see it put in question titles. That's probably the best thing to do. (BTW on Meta downvotes mean "disagree". They have no effect on your reputation.) – leymannx May 6 at 22:13
  • For most other systems I would agree with you, but Drupal has different solutions depending on if something should be done with the UI or in an update hook or by changing a yml file. Seeing my question which inspired this tag the only answer currently is not a programmatic answer, but instead relies on hand changing a set of yml files. – Frank Robert Anderson May 7 at 0:14
  • Furthermore, the listing that we get from the tag makes this very useful for developers looking for programmatic solutions or for contributors looking to contribute programmatic answers. – Frank Robert Anderson May 7 at 0:14
  • Tags are for describing the topic of the question, not what the OP wants nor the user. programmatically would say what the OP wants, while newbie would describe the user. There is no need of such tag; if the question is asking for code to write, just say that in the question. – kiamlaluno May 7 at 7:35
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    There are two questions you can ask yourself before creating a tag: Can the tag used alone? Are there experts about that topic? If only programmatically would be the suitable tag, the question would probably be too broad or off-topic, since it would not be, for example, about blocks, entities, a view, an hook implementation, or rendering a page. – kiamlaluno May 7 at 8:32
  • What I am trying to find is something that would function inside an update_hook. Which anything that is done programmatically will work in this context and others. The other thing that seems extremely useful is the ability to have the listing page that the tag provides. – Frank Robert Anderson May 7 at 19:30
  • There is no need of a tag for searching questions or answers: The search page can find them without the tag. – kiamlaluno May 7 at 21:50
  • What is the purpose of tags? – Frank Robert Anderson May 8 at 4:18
  • IMO, the tagging on DA is nearly worthless outside a few select sorting scenarios (e.g. version number tags, using specific project flags like "drush" where maintainers are using DA as a help forum that can benefit the community via SEO). For the most part, there's very little consensus around when/where tags should be used and DA is too niche for further sub-dividing as needed on SO where there are a multitude of different programming contexts. – Shawn Conn May 13 at 21:55

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