Often I'll find that I need to find a question I'd recently looked at and voted on, but can't quite remember the title. Since I voted on it, and I can't vote twice, I know there's a record of which questions and answers I've voted on. Is that exposed anywhere?

I guess I'll just be more liberal with marking questions as favorites.


While you can get a list of the answers you've down-voted because you lose reputation when you do so, unfortunately you can't see what you've up-voted.

It's been asked about a number of times on Meta Stack Overflow, but the best answer I've been able to find has been it wasn't very useful to the average user and emphasizes the wrong type of action to take with votes.

Liberally marking questions as favorites is definitely the way to go.


That information is not even exposed in Data Explorer. This query should return you all the type of votes you gave to posts, but it doesn't actually return up-votes, even though the table containing the type of votes include up-votes.


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    This seems coherent with the fact that voting (up or down) is anonymous so presenting this information here would defeat the purpose.
    – tostinni
    Jan 18 '12 at 22:28

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