We actually have , which is described as a generic tag for e-commerce modules, and that could be used for modules such as Drupal Commerce, and Ubercart; we have also , and , which are very specific for some modules.

Do we really need to have ? In few cases, the tag was the only one used for questions about modules included in the Drupal Commerce project; this lets me think users use that because "commerce" is the short name for the Drupal Commerce project.

Should the tag be used to mean any questions about e-commerce done in Drupal, or to mean any questions about e-commerce, excluding questions about Drupal Commerce, and Ubercart?

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Because of the way Drupal modules are named, I think this is highly confusing to new users. I don't think commerce is necessary because at this point nearly all Drupal sites doing e-commerce are using either Ubercart or Drupal Commerce. Most general questions regarding e-commerce would likely regard comparing Ubercart and Drupal Commerce or integrating third-party solutions, which could have their own separate tag(s) if it became necessary.

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