I need to include a picture in my post. How can I do this? Is there a preferred method, on Drupal Answers?

  1. Click the Insert Image toolbar button image button

  2. A dialog box will appear

    enter image description here

  3. Drag and drop the file to the dialog box, or click on the area for the drag and drop for uploading a local image

  4. To upload an image for which you have a link, click on link from the web

  5. In the latter case, enter the image URL, not the link for a page containing the image


  6. In both the cases, click on Add picture



You need to be registered member in the site with at least 10 reputation in order to gain the privilege to use this feature.

After that, replace the default "enter image description here" with something meaningful for browsers that do not support images.

Even when providing a link to an image hosted in some sites, the image will be copied to the Stack Exchange Imgur account, and hence will be safe from expiring.

If you just want a link to an image:

  1. Use the steps above
  2. Remove the leading exclamation point from the result: [click for my image][6]

If you really want to hardlink images from another source, without copying them to the Stack Exchange Imgur account:

  1. Use the link tool to make a regular link to the image
  2. Prepend the link with an exclamation point: ![Image description][7]

Bear in mind that:

  • To make it easier to find relevant information using search engines, be sure to copy important text into your post too, and not to use a screenshot simply for showing text, if you don't want to merely show the style of the text. (Messages from popup dialogs can often simply be copied using Ctrl-C or Command-C.)

  • For the screen readers of visually impaired, for browsers that don't show images, for cases where Imgur is blocked, and for search engine indexes please enter a good description.

  • Whenever possible, use the Stack Exchange provided hosting as described below. This uses an imgur.com Pro account, which ensures images are never lost. Images on free Imgur accounts, and on many other free image hosters, will expire if not requested every now and then. The post should be useful for future visitors too.

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