For example, in How do I hide a field after login? you will notice that the Community user is shown as the user who edited the question.


The revision page shows an edit summary too specific to be made from an automated process, such as "edited title; improved grammar."


Does the Community user really propose the edit?


The "suggested" link shown in the revision page shows you the page for the proposed edit.


On that page is reported who made the edit: an anonymous user. Somebody without an account suggested an edit, which is then reported as proposed from the Community user.


There were edits that are effectively done from the Community users, but in those case the Community user doesn't appear as last editor. This includes edits where:

  • Links to the duplicated questions are inserted

    insert duplicate link

  • Links to the duplicated questions are removed

    remove duplicate link

Link to duplicate questions are not added anymore to the question body, but such edit can still be seen in old questions.

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