There are a few pending edits in the queue right that that remove .

It appears that if all of these edits are approved, that will not be on any questions anymore, so it will be deleted the night after.

I think the general consensus is that questions inquiring about tutorials aren't a good fit here, but those questions are still open, so that tags makes sense.

What are others thoughts about this?

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Questions about tutorials have the same problem questions about resource links have:

  • They are not constructive, as they don't require a specific expertise to be answered.
  • They are rather subjective, as everybody could provide a different list of resource links.
  • Their answers don't provide an explanation of why a specific tutorial is suggested, such as why that specific tutorial is preferable to another one.
  • Looking at different questions about tutorials, you will notice that some of the links point to the same web site.
  • Their answers don't provide a solution to a problem, but they give a link to a page where a specific problem is resolved.

The more important problem with those questions is evident in this answer:

You could try NodeOne videos here.

404: page not found

Rather than asking for a tutorial about doing X, it would be better if the question would be specific on how doing X.

The tag should be removed from the questions, which should be closed as not constructive.

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