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What could be the reason for an accepted answer with 19 upvotes to be deleted?

Today my (accepted) answer with 19 upvotes got deleted, together with the related question. It was located at
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Un-awarded bounty refunded on deleting post

I created a question a month or two ago that didn't attract much attention, in hindsight it wasn't really meant for Drupal Answers (It was about a whole mess of LDAP and kerberos stuff). I set a ...
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Is there a way I can read comments to me from deleted posts?

Someone (I can't tell who) left a comment for me on a spam posts about do's/don't's of spam question reporting. Unfortunately I have no idea what it said except for the first few words because the ...
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Should I not be able to see deleted questions?

With the current reputation associated with the privileges, and my current reputation, should I not be able to see deleted questions? I know there was a question asked by chx here on meta, which ...
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