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Questions tagged [synonym-request]

A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag. Please be specific about which tag should be a synonym of which. Bidirectional synonyms and cycles are implicitly disallowed, so suggest wisely.

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2 votes
1 answer

Make entityfieldquery a synonym of entity-field-queries

It seems that entity-field-queries has more questions and information than entityfieldquery.
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-5 votes
2 answers

Tag synonym: [drupal-7] → [7]

Could someone add drupal-7 as synonym of 7?
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0 votes
1 answer

Propose an alias to multi-site as multisite

There is a Drupal Group called "multisite" and messages there use the non-hyphenated version of the tag. And as long as we're on the subject. What is the difference between subsite and multisite ...
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  • 377
3 votes
1 answer

Make "view" a synonym of "views"?

I noticed some users marked questions with the view tag instead of the widely used views tag which already has the synonyms views-2, views-3. With Views being such a popular module it would make ...
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  • 6,815
2 votes
1 answer

Merge the "form" and "forms" tags

Both the tags were used for questions about forms. form should be merged with forms, and made its synonym. Generally, the plural form is preferred; also, in this case it better suits.
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