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1 answer

Is it possible to delete a user profile only on the meta site?

Can users delete their user profile on a meta site and keep it on the parent site?
2 votes
1 answer

Is deleting a user profile to restore the reputation bad?

I asked two questions which got heavily down-voted and closed. I lost some of the initial reputation I had. I could delete the user profile and recreate it. In this way, the reputation would be back ...
3 votes
2 answers

Changing the avatar

I wanted to add an avatar to my profile here, but I don't feel like creating an account at this gravatar thing. Is that the only option for setting an avatar image on here? While trying to ask a ...
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1 answer

The flair shown in the user profile doesn't show the correct reputation

To answer to a question on a different meta site, I looked at my flair on Drupal Answers, and noticed that one out of four flair doesn't report the correct reputation. It should not be a problem of ...
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