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The idea is that they delete their own answer because it is wrong, was written because a misunderstanding of the question, or it is not an appropriate answer, and they notice that; the fact they do it even if the answer score is 3 makes them disciplined. Strictly speaking, an answer's score doesn't say anything about the its quality. In fact, the user who ...


If you used the links that is shown when you click on the "share" button, and that link was followed by users using 25 unique IP addresses, then you should get the badge. If you used the normal question link, such as or, then you don't get ...


The "score of 10 or more" refers to the difference between the number of up-votes a post received, and the number of down-votes that post received; if a post got 5 up-votes and 2 down-votes, its score is 3 (5 - 2). Currently your highest-voted answer has 7 up-votes and no down-votes, so you're not far off getting the badge for that one.


Yes, access to the review queues requires 500 rep (see Privileges). However, users can also review suggested edits to their own posts. I suspect the user got the badge from this post.


The only way to get that badge is to increase the number of helpful flags, which counts: The flags for moderation attention The flags for spam The flags for comments Even after being a 3K user, it is still possible to get that badge. Being a 10K user probably help in getting the badge, as you can see the posts flagged from other users, and flag them if you ...


This isn't a bug, it's a misunderstanding about what "positive question record" means. This is somewhat confusing, so you're not alone! It does not mean that the five questions you asked must have a positive score. It means that we count your total questions and subtract questions that are somehow "bad", including deleted ones. The formula for this is: (...


This is by design. Per the SE Meta answer for participation badges List of all badges with full descriptions: Yearling silver; awarded multiple times Have a reputation of at least (number of years since registration) × 200 + 1 (starting reputation) The number of years is not restricted to integers and increases continuously. For example, ...


Just replace stackoverflow in that link with drupal, and you are set:


The edits count is not only for suggested edits, but also for normal edits. Once their reputation reach 2000, users don't need to suggest edits; their edits directly apply to the posts they change. That is the case of Anil Sagar.


You get that badge when you provided answers that have been accepted, but the score of those answers is zero. (The score is the difference between up-votes and down-votes.) When those answers are more than 10, and 25% of all the answers you gave, then you get the badge.


I do not think this will make it any better than worse (wondering what clive and other multi-thousand reputed users would say). These units are made to avoid what you are trying to get back. 8 GB is, in my opinion looks decent than 8192 MB.

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