Rakesh Falke

  • A competent professional with 9+ years of rich & versatile experience as PHP Programmer,Drupal & WordPress development etc.

  • Expertise in handling PHP programming life­cycle involving requirement analysis, system study,designing, coding, testing, de­bugging, status reporting & documentation.

  • Experience in Drupal 6,7,8 & WordPress Development

  • Hands­on experience in designing and developing websites which support multi browsers,multiple devices and multiple languages.

  • Designed, Developed & Maintained of Larger Drupal websites & In Depth knowledge in Drupal 6,7.

  • Acknowledged for creation and implementation of a wide variety of web­based products using PHP, MySQL and AJAX in a team­ oriented environment to develop complex web­based applications

  • Leadership skills (customer insight, breakthrough thinking, drive to achieve, team leadership,straight talk, decisiveness,teamwork, personal dedication, passion for the business)

  • Experience in creating, tuning and maintaining high traffic and high performance sites.

  • Experience in employing CDN, caching etc.

  • Sound technical experience in appropriate test, development or engagement PHP roles.