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As a Full Stack Web Developer, I have the ability to adapt in different work environments and adjust with different individuals very easily. I can perform best as part of a team and can also perform with the same efficiency and effectiveness while working on my own.

I have a deep understanding of Drupal, web application design/web application databases, PSD designing and layered bases design patterns for responsive websites.

I've been developing web sites & applications from 2013. Plain coding is not enough, clean code and conforming to the latest design patterns is what I believe in.

Platforms used for web apps: - PHP (Structural and Object Oriented) - JavaScript (AngularJS, JQuery) -Drupal(Websites/Theme/Apps) - Wordpress (theme development)

Databases: - Mysql - SQLite

Designing Platform -Adobe Illustrator -Adobe Experience Design -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe Fireworks -CorelDraw

Operating Systems: - Windows - Linux ( Ubuntu, Backtrack)

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