I am shown a alert that says, "You have reached vote limit try again after 16 hours."

What is the secret behind this?


You have 30 votes per day, plus 10 question votes; those 10 question votes must be cast before 30 answer votes.

If you vote only for answers, you get 30 votes per day; if you vote only questions, you get 40 votes per day.
If you vote answers, and questions, your limit depends on which order you voted; for example, your limit is 39 if you vote using the following order:

  • 15 answers
  • 9 questions
  • 15 answers

Keep in mind that:

  • The Stack Exchange day is based on UTC time.
  • When you get the message "you have still X votes" that is the number of votes you have. You can vote answers, or questions, but that is the number of votes you can still cast.

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