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Moving a comment thread to chat

I looked all over SE Meta and couldn't find a definitive answer there or via Google, so hopefully one the more seasoned SE users knows this. Is there a way to move a comment thread to chat once things ...
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Is there a settings for notification from chat room?

I found no notification from chat room and never know if someone replied in chat room. Is it possible to have notification from chat room just like the badge showing up when other leaving comment in ...
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What to do with chat?

Chatroom was frozen. Attempts to revive it failed. Do we need it? What do do with it? Why wasn't you there? My main reasons was: No one there, usually. Drupal Association News I was not interested ...
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Allow a user with a reputation lower than 20 to chat

A user with a reputation lower than 20 points is not allowed to chat. Would not be good if those users could be invited in chat by users who have the privilege of chatting? I am suggesting this ...
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What is with the 'Chat with an Expert' popup I just started seeing on DA? [closed]

The past couple of days, I have been getting an annoying, and seemingly random, popup on DA inviting me to 'Chat with an expert'. I finally broke down, and clicked on it. This was the conversation: ...
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Suggested improvements to chat

In my admittedly limited experience with DA i am finding that many times the OP would not have to ask the question if they knew how to ask it. The answer would be self evident. (Learning Drupal is ...
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