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Questions tagged [exact-duplicates]

This tag is referring to the process of identifying and closing questions that are exact duplicates of another question.

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1 answer

Are these duplicates?

Recently I have asked a question I wasn't able to find already asked: How to add behavior-based onclick to ajax-enabled Form API button? Now, using comments by Beebee I found a working solution. Also,...
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Do we flag duplicate answers across different questions?

Original answer Duplicate answer (different question) The second is obviously a straight copy of the first; the second question will probably be closed as a duplicate, but what about the duplicate ...
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Duplicates and version numbers

There is currently a question, Creating referenced nodes together with parent node, that is tagged with 6. I have the exact same issue, but for a Drupal 7 instance. Given that the answer could very ...
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What should we do with duplicate questions on SO and here

I spotted the first question being posted on SO and here: Show related Taxonomy list if created What should we do ...
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