I was trying to add a Wiki page to a tag here on meta, but I have problems to create it: when I click on the button to create it, nothing happens.
I also tried to edit an existing tag Wiki, but again I could not do that. Clicking on the edit link that appears in the pop up associated with a tag takes me, e.g., to https://drupal.meta.stackexchange.com/tags/discussion/info, where I see the "Edit Tag Wiki" button; when I click on that button, nothing happens.

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We aren't supporting tag wikis on per-site (child) metas right now -- we plan to push across all the standard meta tag wikis from meta.so regularly.


Clicking "propose tag wiki" doesn't work on this meta site for me either. I've got the "tag editor" badge on the main site, so I can make some entries with my sad level of karma/rep.

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