This post dpm() does not display any results on screen has been receiving spam suggesstoins for several times today.

I have seen this suggestion (the content slightly differs each time) for the fourth time today (and submission times differ so these are new suggestions):


The suggestion is done by an anonymous user. Can we block the user (or the thread)?

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That answer had about 25 spam suggestions rejected recently. The originators of those are already being blocked, automatically:

If you suggest an edit to a post that has a certain number of edits rejected as spam recently and then that edit is rejected as spam - we deal you a blocking penalty in the spam system.

-- Tim Post.

When rejecting spam edits repeatedly on the same answer gets tedious, a trick may be appropriate: edit the answer to expand it.

answers longer than a sentence get edits like that auto-rejected by the system, while still banning the associated IPs.

-- Shog9

It's not quite clear to me how many characters the answer needs to have in order for this to kick in: Shog9 said it's 400 some places, 200 others. Anyway, it's worth trying (by someone familiar with the subject): add another paragraph to the post, 1-2 sentences should be enough.

  • Thanks, I will remember that for the future. :) Jun 11, 2016 at 13:46

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