I asked two questions which got heavily down-voted and closed. I lost some of the initial reputation I had.
I could delete the user profile and recreate it. In this way, the reputation would be back to 101.

Is deleting and re-creating a user profile to restore its reputation bad?

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That works, and if you do it once or twice, people probably wouldn't even notice.

If you do it repeatedly, that would be a different matter. Accounts which keep on asking poor questions are warned and eventually banned from asking further questions. Deleting and recreating accounts to avoid question bans (even if the system didn't warn you yet) is a definite no-go and can lead to suspensions.

If you're certain the questions are problematic and cannot be salvaged, it's better to delete the questions instead of your account. (This is possible because nobody posted a positively scoring answer yet.) That will restore (with a few minutes delay) the reputation you lost from the downvotes on them.

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